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Project context
EXPO2015 – Services to citizens
Business need
To transform open data about Lombardy into touristic information, focusing on the “experience” that a tourist can have visiting Lombardy
Smartstat’s action and results
The goal of the project is to characterize territorial areas around Milan, based on their features: art, food, tradition, architecture, spirituality … all of these topics combine together at territorial level and one may meet different aspects of Lombard culture in different territorial areas. Instead of listing what (monuments, restaurants, churches, museums…) a tourist can find in Lombardy, or where he/she can found something of interest, the aim is to introduce tourists to the richness and beauty of Lombardy, making it visible what Lombardy territory may offer, in terms of possible “tourists’ interests”. A complex process has been implemented, to transform data pertaining to single geo-referentiated objects, into territorial features. The process involves both technological steps (open data normalization and text-mining) and more statistical and data analysis steps (particularly, employing formal concept analysis and spatial statistics). The result is a semi-automatic process capable to transform a set of raw open data into territorial features and to visualize them properly. The transformed data will be released for possible use during Expo2015.
Other features and by-products
This is a very particular project, in terms of complexity and aims. In practice, the idea is to “make the territory tell itself”. The project involved quite particular data analysis techniques, arranged in someh an innovative way.

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