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Business need
To transform costumer data about customers and advertising investment behaviors into awareness of market dynamics and customer targeting criteria.
Smartstat’s action and results
Cooperating with the customer, Smartstat has progressively developed and implemented a system of informational processes transforming raw data into an informational architecture, mainly pertaining to:
  1. Mapping market dynamics of advertising investments, to identify trend, patterns and changes in customer (actual and potential) behaviors. To this goal, unsupervised classification tools have been implemented, capable to reproduce market complexity and dynamics in an effective and easy-to-understand way. Visualization tools implemented in the R environment allow costumer to track market/sub-market investment  patterns, to map investment flows over time from/to different media and to capture the relationship between customers’ features and investment behavior.
  2. Estimating the propensity of potential customers in investing in costumer services, to improve a customer targeting process. This has been pursued restructuring the current targeting process, through new and more effective statistical tools and designing a new set of information and visualizations to help managers in their targeting effort.
Statistical processes have been implemented and integrated into costumer systems, using language R
Other features and by-products
This project is prototypical of what may be called “what can we do with our data?” projects, where one has to put data to work, identifying at the same time the right “questions” to answer and “structuring” new informational architectures from scratch.

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