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Business need
The costumer needs to improve its capability to manage the economic risk related to the uncertainty in the conversion rates of its promotional movie tickets. The project aims primarily at building a risk management architecture, based on statistical processes estimating campaign conversion rates, exploiting the information comprised in costumer’s databases.
Smartstat’s action and results
To build statistical processes to classify and estimate campaigns conversion rates, based on supervised classification algorithms.
To design a “risk management architecture”, identifying a set of basic information and corresponding visualizations needed to manage company’s risk at different management levels.
To produce a working prototype of the risk estimation processes, developed using language R.
To help costumers’s ICT to implement the processes at technological level.
To improve the “risk management culture” of managers, helping them understanding the outputs of the designed processes.
Other features and by-products
The project started in spring 2014 and is currently going on. It started as a “statistical project” and quickly became a project pertaining to the design and implementation of a new business process, with effects on company’s management activities.

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