data numbers


Project context
Social communication
Business need
To exploit the power of data collected during the event, for institutional communication, fund raising and advertising.
Smartstat’s action and results
To analyze the system of data produced by the event and to interconnect different data sources, so as to extract a “story-telling” information.
To design a process of information generation and extraction for future instances of the event.
To help organizers realize that generating and using data is a way to “augment” the event, both for management purposes and for communicative aims.
Other features and by-products
The project is starting in October 2014. The key idea is to base social communication on a sound system of data generation, treatment and visualization processes. Although infovis is quite a mainstream, structuring sound statistical processes to make the social event more capable to be “story-telled” seems quite innovative. This, particularly in connection with the goal of improving sponsorship, offering not only visibility, but the chance to use the event to scientifically get information of interest back (e.g. pertaining to product/service tests, or possible client targets…).  

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