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We all know our competitors are a click away. We all know that Customer churn is at the top of C-level headaches' list: it is easy to lose a Customer, it is hard and costly to gain one.

In Smartstat we believe that churn analysis and customer retention are never a question of average values and generic considerations, it is a scientific approach to data, from whichever source they might be collected: in-house data (from demographic to purchase history, from Customer ralation to Service usage), competitors' data (campaigns, M&As, special offers), not specific business-related data/events which might impact a Customer's behaviours. All the above using a temporal abstraction approach and recurrently feeding the process back with fresh data.

Smartstat approach to data is neutral as our solutions are platform-independent: we add value to our Customers by extracting fit-for-use information from data and easily visualising them in order to allow smart management & C-Level decision making processes.

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